Who makes the best ergonomic office chair?

If you walk into and high end lawyer, accounting or marketing firms, you will notice some stand out things in the offices. Well first off they will have some professional looking people, and second they will have fancy ergonomic office chairs. Having the best ergonomic office chair in your office symbolizes a couple of things.

best ergonomic chair

  1. This guy has some money.
  2. This guy has a sore back.

Ergonomic chairs are great for back pain, because they relieve a lot of stress and tension off of important body structures. They also cost an arm and a leg. They range anywhere from 500 to 1500 dollars. This is quite a lot of pocket change. Thats why you see them in such high end offices.

If you are in the market yourself, but dont know where to start well we have a couple starting points and some suggestions that you may want to take a look at.

Who makes the best ergonomic office chair?

Ill go over the best chair from each top brand in the ergonomic industry.

Herman Miller

Herman miller makes a lot of ergonomic chairs. Currently the best Herman miller ergonomic chair is the Aeron. The aeron is a classic staple in the ergonomic world. It has been one the best selling chairs for a while now.


Another big name in the ergonomic world is Humanscale. They have chairs that are designed by the biggest names in the business. The best Humanscale ergonomic chair is the freedom. It is another great designed chair that was designed by a master of ergonomic research.


Haworth also makes some amazing ergonomic chairs. The best Haworth ergonomic chair is the Zody. The zody is the only chair that is endorsed by the physical therapy association. Pretty crazy chair, and beautifully designed.

There you have it, a list of the best ergonomic chairs by the best ergonomic chair makers. I hope this makes your choice a lot easier. If it doesnt you can visit ergonomicsource.com to get the best reviews on chairs.


DJ equipment that Choose to Getting Started with a Budget Very (VERY) Tight?

If you’re new to DJing, you may be looking for your first DJ equipment, and you can be a little lost to everything you can find on the market.
Like most novice DJs, you probably have a limited budget , and you do not want to plant you in your choice, especially if you’re not sure your passion DJing remain in the long term …

Here are some pointers to start your approach:

1 / DJ Mixer for computer equipment

If you already have a computer (mobile preferred), the most economical way to get to Mixer remains to use DJ software . Many are paid with a free demo version (for example Traktor  or  Virtual DJ ), others are completely free ( Mixxx for example) and sufficient to start. You can find software to try you are on PC (with Windows), MAC or Linux.

If you stay there, you’ll quickly realize that you are very limited for Mixer , because you have to use the mouse and keyboard of your computer, which is far from pleasant and ergonomic! You can invest in a DJ controller “all-in-one” that behaves as a USB device, and allows you to fully utilize your DJ software without having to touch your computer ! This type of controller includes two “jog wheels” (some trays as some CD decks high end), the knobs to handle the bass, midrange and treble, different buttons and pitches .

You can find various models of USB controllers (also called “MIDI controllers”) of this type at very affordable price. Below the € 100 bar, you’ll shit (let’s be clear!) And you may be disgusted DJing, wait a bit and save! But between 100 and 300 € you may already have something suitable for beginners in Mix (model 2-way enough, but at this price you can have a model 4-way if you really want: the Numark Mixtrack Quad eg ), and a software comes with (often in both “tHE”, that is to say, a limited edition features but with which you can still have fun a good time).

Orient yourself to the model the most expensive you can afford aiming a recognized brand in the middle of DJing. Numark has multiple USB controllers in this price range (the Mixtrack Pro 2 for example), but I think especially in two models created by Pioneer (one of the most respected brands in professional DJing!): The DDJ-WeO2 and DDJ SB .
You can also watch what make Denon and Vestax , which are good brands  😉

In terms of the top Dj Headphones : no need to take an expensive model, you can start with something very simple to less than 20 €: the Sony MDR-V150 or the Behringer HPX 2000 by examples. Mixer for you, you do not need an excellent listening quality, comfort or a powerful volume   😉

For your prenant : no need to invest in sound equipment at the beginning, use your stereo, sufficient to Mixer at home!

For your shares : You can recover MP3 or other digital formats, either by purchasing them or by recovering the free …


2 / Choose your DJ equipment suitable for vinyl media

You may want to start DJing on vinyl media for several reasons, for example if you want to scratch seriously (it is possible to scratch with CD players or USB controllers, but vinyl is still the reference support in my opinion!), Or yet because the “charm” of the vinyl side with its touch and ease of use attracts you.

In this case, you will get a budget much higher than buying a USB controller (even in a configuration with CD players in some cases), because you have to provide a mixing table + 2 turntables .

When buying the best mixer , you can start with an entry-level model in 2-way only, for a price ranging between 100 and 300 €. If your budget is very tight, take a look at the Stanton M.203 , if you can put a little more: the Denon DJ DN-X120 is good for its price and ergonomic (it was my 2nd Mix table ^^) or the Allen & Heath Xone: 23 (premium brand).

For turntables, you MUST take a drive model DIRECT (forget belt drives for Mixer!). What determines the higher the quality of platinum is the “force” of its engine (the “couple”) plus a platinum is high-end, plus its engine will be tough, that is to say, you need to apply some force to brake or accelerate the set. This saves you in comfort Mix, and precision, thus flee the weaklings engine low-end models to the fullest!
Of course take a top model ensures a better quality of the components!

Tell you this: as you can start with a low-end blender (you will necessarily change for a model that suits you most once you have taken your bearings), so change your decks will be more binding because it is a bigger investment than the Mix table, and when you go up in line with turntables, few differences appear with a low-end model (again, the crucial element is the strength of the engine, advanced features like the “Master tempo” or the pitch can be adjusted to +/- 12% are much smaller).
so if possible, invest the bulk of your budget in your turntables to make the best possible model   😉

I recommend the brand Stanton (I started with their mid-range and I was very satisfied: excellent quality / price ratio, and more options than my current Technics SL-1200 mk5 which are much more expensive) .For less than 300 € you have: the T.92 USB or otherwise T62B . Make sure the cell and diamond are included with your player , otherwise it adds you extra!

Finally, with vinyl backing you need to budget in the long run to buy your shares : on average about € 9 for a disc containing from 2 to 4 tracks.


3 / Mixer DJ equipment CD

If you want Mixer on CD, it will cost you probably more than if you go through a software solution(if you already have a computer) coupled to a USB controller.

You have several choices for your hardware: – The double CD-readers for less than 400 € you have the Stanton C.502 , or the Numark CDN 77 USB . You can fix this type of DJ equipment in 19 “racks. – The CD player double combi + integrated mixer: for less than 550 € there is Gemini Drive GMX or Numark Bluetooth CDMIX . Handy if you want to move easily with your DJ equipment! – The CD decks to foodfor less than 250 € room: the NDX400 Numark or the Gemini CDJ-300 .

You can also check out the best stand alone DJ controllers(not requiring to have a computer or software) as Stanton SCS4DJ for less than 400 €, which remains one of the most interesting solutions!



4 / Is it better to move towards the new DJ equipment or rather used?

I recommend taking the nine (of course within the limits of your budget), because if you take the opportunity, your equipment may not last long ! Given that these are entry level hardware, it is much less robust definition of the higher-end DJ equipment (if we talk about hardware elements like tables of mixing, turntables or of helmets, for software it will not change!). Moreover, the warranty the manufacturer and / or the store probably will not be viable. And finally, your equipment has been used by a beginner who may have not taken as much care an experienced DJ on the high-end hardware, and ditto for maintenance …